i think it's all about timing.

brenda: i've missed you. through this.
nate: i missed you too. i mean, it's not like i don't know how much being with you changed me. how much it woke me up as a person. i wouldn't be who i am today if i never met you. i certainly wouldn't floss everyday, that's for sure.
brenda: you're keeping up with that?
nate: after every meal.
brenda: you changed me too.
nate: yeah? how so?
brenda: you're the first person i've lost for really costed me something. that's why i haven't been with anyone since.
nate: nobody?
brenda: it's too scaring, the thought of screwing it all up again.
nate: yeah, you'll find somebody.
brenda: that is so not the answer. you know what i think?
nate: about what?
brenda: i don't know. life.
nate: what?
brenda: i think it's all about timing. i think timing is everything.
nate: i think you might be right.

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